• Enables real-time situational awareness in the high-threat-density littoral beyond the shipboard sensorís line of sight

  • Affordable solution for highly accurate location and tracking of maritime and ground-based targets

  • Inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) target imaging minimizes timeline for target identification and classification

  • Flexible architecture supports future surveillance radar capabilities


Navy ships operating in littoral waters must support a broad range of missions in the face of a growing variety of maritime and land-based threats. Maintaining real-time situational awareness in this dynamic, high-density threat environment requires continuously and simultaneously tracking, classifying and identifying targets at ranges that extend beyond the shipboard sensorís line of sight.


MTI Scout greatly extends the shipís surveillance range by placing on a small, unmanned airborne vehicle a single sensor with both moving target indicator (MTI) and ISAR functions. The MTI functionality is effective against both maritime (MMTI) and ground (GMTI) targets.


The MTI Scout radar leverages Mustangís successful development of affordable radar sensors for Department of Defense applications. MTI Scoutís ability to provide MTI and ISAR functionality in a single lightweight, compact system makes it uniquely suited for use on unmanned air vehicles.


Cost-effective, high-performance radar; RF and digital electronics; MTI and ISAR real-time signal processing; advanced algorithms.